„Shabbat” Kosher matches

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Kosher Matches

Size: 110 x 64 x 19,5 mm
Stick number: av. 45
Splint size: 94 mm

Shabbat 22B Kosher Matches


The most famous rule of the traditional Jewish festival of lights – Hanukkah – is the successive lighting of the candles of the eight-branched candelabrum at dusk. The ritual, which is firmly connected with the auxiliary spark candle Shamash, cannot do without another helper, and that is the fire source.

Kosher certified long matches are ideal as a fire source for lighting the Shamash candle. A long kosher certified matchbox is a box measuring 110 x 64 x 19.5 mm, which contains an average of 45 pieces of long solid matches with a length of 9.5 cm.  Due to their length, kosher matches provide a longer burning time and thus enough time to light the candle comfortably.

The matches are made of natural wood, each match has a brown head. The heads of the long matches are natural friendly and are made of a non-toxic compound. Each box of long kosher matches has a brown scratch painted on one narrow side. The scratch area on the kosher matchboxes is large enough to safely and conveniently light all the matches in the box.

The long kosher matchbox features one of the iconic symbols of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah – the eight-branched candelabrum. The print on the matchbox is of high quality, the surface of the border is treated with a finish for an elegant look. Kosher long matchboxes are an invaluable tool for lighting candles in the early evening.

This type of long kosher matchbox is proven to be made from kosher certified ingredients, is free of animal additives and contains no ritually impure ingredients, and the production environment is specifically approved and designed for the manufacture of kosher matches. Kosher-certified matches made of natural wood in a box, for the joy and pleasure of lighting a fire, for all who observe Jewish religious norms, including the ancient rule of “chiddur mitzvah”.

Thanks to the attention to detail in manufacturing, kosher matches can become part of the celebration of Shabbat and other important Jewish holidays.  The beautiful design of kosher matches in a box turns an everyday item into a decorative one – a box of kosher matches will decorate the holiday table and will certainly not disappear in a drawer. Kosher fireplace matchbox is an elegant box that will stand out at the window, on the mantelpiece and on the festive table.

Long kosher matches are especially suitable for lighting candles, scented candles, fireplaces, barbecue fireplaces, kitchen stoves, cigars or pipes. Kosher fireplace matches are suitable anywhere a fire is needed, kosher fireplace matches are not a seasonal gift. Kosher fireplace matches are a certified quality and safety product with a very high utility value. Even a small gift brings joy, even more so if it is an unusual and practical piece, as the kosher fireplace matches in the box undoubtedly are.

Kosher fireplace matches are always good to use. With offset printing and various finishes, this is a high quality gift or promotional item that can be used to complement gift sets with candles, scented candles or small decorative items. The kosher long fireplace matches are certainly not only suitable as helpers during the Jewish festival of lights, but find universal use both outdoors and indoors. Due to their length, kosher matches burn longer, which allows for convenient use.

Kosher matches not only help to light the fire, they are also an elegant decoration and a stylish addition to the house, which will not escape any visitor. Promotional matches for the kosher fireplace can be a useful gift. Kosher matches in the box are completely of European origin, safe and high quality, their production complies with the current European standards and is certified by the Rabbinate Office in Hungary, where production takes place in our own factory with many years of experience in the match industry.

You will receive long kosher fireplace matches directly from our production. The production of kosher fireplace matches in our own factory has been certified and approved as clean. A box of long kosher matches is an interesting gift.