„Orient” Drum L Matches

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Size: 215 x Ø 51,5 mm
Stick number: av. 68
Splint size: 200 mm

Drum L Matches

Why always square when you can produce a round matchbox? In football they say that the round has to go into the square. At Europe Match we see this a little differently. Our round box L with our extra long firewoods are perfect to light a campfire or the classic fireplace. The woods have a length of about 20cm, so you can easily start the fire.

Light the fire with your own design and let the hearts of your customers beat faster. We can produce this model with a transparent lid. So it allows the user to have a look at the wood and the ignition heads. We can produce it even more ecological with a cardboard lid. This can also be printed individually on request. Our round boxes are produced with a matt or glossy lamination. Thus you decide whether it becomes a shining advertising appearance or a silk matt.

We also offer the DRUM L in a shorter version. The DRUM M this is with approx. 94mm long firewood. With this variant you can also choose whether the woods should be visible. Or whether they want an additional surface for your advertising imprint on the cardboard cover.  Both models have the rubbing surface on the bottom. You can use these matchboxes later also ideally for pens or brushes. A so-called upcycling.  On request we can also produce other diameters but you should consider the height of the wood (94mm or 200mm) but we can also produce small mini round boxes in our factory. Europe Match has also the possibility to use 43mm woods. These are then filled by hand by our team.

The round shape of these match models is also perfect to make a bundle. Candle + matches in one gift. Not only at Christmas, but also for birth, wedding, communion, confirmation candles are often given as gifts. Here we can also make up suitable candles by our purchase. Or you are a candle producer – then use our matches to round off your assortment. Of course we can also produce DRUMs to put candles in. An ideal packaging with your advertising imprint. In a sensational presentation. These wooden round boxes can also be used for your products, flower seeds, crayons, pencils and many more.

We at Europe Match see ourselves first and foremost as a producer of matches. But we can also produce small boxes for your promotional use and equip them with other gadgets. Here we have a lot of contacts to other producers. As with the other matches, we use poplar and aspen wood, as these are easy to process due to their wood structure and are a rapidly renewable raw material. We are often asked if we can produce even longer matches, technically this would be possible but for us at Europe Match the safety of the user is more important.

With the length of 200m woods the risk of breakage is not so high. If the wood is shorter than 43mm, the risk of burning is too high. Wood is a natural product so the ignition head color and also the size can always vary slightly. This is not a quality defect. First and foremost, the match is used to ignite a flame. To ignite the fireplace, the stove, the candle, the cigar, the cigarette or the camping stove. We love to produce advertising products which brings light into your advertisement. This round shaped Matchbox brings a lo t of lights into you customer rooms. Perfect match for BBQ, Ofen, Candles. The length of the sticks maked it easy to burn it on.