„Love is in the Bulb” matches


Size: 135 x Ø 70 mm
Stick number: av. 120
Splint size: 43 mm

New funny and not off the shelf.

Our nine matches in light bulb. This article is ideal as an advertising medium but also in private as a gift. We the company Europe Match produce in our own factory in Hungary. We produce and compliance with European specifications (no child labor, minimum wages and environmentally friendly production).

Matches are needed in every situation in life, be it to light candles or the cozy fire in the fireplace. But with matches you can also carry your advertising message to your target group. A highlight of a special kind, you have with this fancy light bulb with different match heads. After consumption of the woods, you can use this glass bulb for other decorative purposes. Or you can also refill it on a normal matchbox. You can also design the practical card with your image campaign. Suitable as a giveaway at trade fairs or but also in the trade for end consumers.

Made in Europe means taking responsibility for its production and the production of matches, under all specifications and guidelines to manufacture. Fire means warmth and security, just give away warmth and security. Super as an additional gift for candles. But also the grill master will love this gift. Love is in the bulb, also means to give from the heart. Feel free to contact us, we can also show you alternative to this form. Or insert matches for the specialized trade with new jar shapes. We can also produce the greeting card in other shapes. Especially in the field of promotional products, it is important to be able to meet customer requirements.

The woods in this match model are 43mm long. The match head color is randomly mixed in this case. For use in specialized stores or for promotional purposes, this can also be produced with only one color. Matching the design or the customer’s logo. Our range of matches is wide and thus we can cover the needs of our customers well. We supply both large and small customers worldwide. Fire needs everyone in life, at work or privately. Whether camping in the wilderness to light the campfire. Or for the contemplative evening by candlelight. Our decorative kindling formats you can also include in your table decoration.

Even if this promotional item does not fit the budget of your customer, we can show alternatives here. The range and selection of matchboxes and matchbooks leave nothing to be desired. Even in the field of home style, you can use our promotional ambassadors. The best thing about it is that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our Europe Match woods are shipped directly from our factory in Hungary out into the wide world. Whether as grit in the prom area or at the store counter as a souvenir.

Match can be used at any time. A cozy evening by candlelight, a glass of wine or whiskey in addition to a cigar here swear many pleasure smokers also firewood because of the length of the match. This is also used by the cigar and cigarette industry. Even if the smoking behavior has changed in recent years. It is accepted as a welcome promotional gift. Promotional matches are worthwhile because of the low budget use. To put it briefly, fire not only brings warmth but also conveys emotions. Conveying emotions through light and putting your image in perspective is a nice side effect. Contact us today, we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer that will surely get you fired up. Our sales staff will be happy to help you find the right product for your promotion.