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Tradition in match production since 1858


The synonym for fire? That ́s clear: matches! They are the core of our quality brand Europe Match. And a long tradition is related to them. Already around 950 before Christ the first precursor had been developed. At that time it was a more daring way to inflame fire because the in sulfur soaked pine sticks became inflamed at the slightest movement. No comparison to today's safety matches!

Throughout history alchemists, inventors and chemists had been advancing the wooden sticks. Finally Rudolf Christian Boettger invented the so-called safety match 1848. He sold his patent to the Swedish match industry. The Swedish "Zündholzkönig" Ivar Kreuger founded the Swedish concern which had held the match monopoly in Germany up to 1983. The today’s Europe Match GmbH was the outcome of this concern, founded in 2006 by the long-standing manager Klaus Bruns. He acquired, inter alia, the production facility in Szeged (Hungary), and thereby more than 150 years of experience in match production. Here 1,5 million match boxes and book matches are produced daily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist you with emotional "stories to touch" with your perfect branding, that's our job! With each match, that inflames – with each "click" of a Cricket lighter we create a piece of sympathy and recognition for your brand. True to the motto: "A mighty flame arises from many tiny sparks". We would like to inspire you! With ideas, best practice examples and individual 3D patterns. We  do not offer you products only, but emotional concepts for dissemination of messages, with which you can generate high number of contacts inexpensively.

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Our Quality

In order to be sure that our finished products do a good job for you until the end, they go through numerous quality checks throughout the production process. And above all, they are sustainably and environmentally friendly produced! Our matches are 100 % ecologically degradable. The ignition heads are non-toxic, the sticks of fast growing aspen and poplar, especially grown for this usage. We offer solid jobs and fair working conditions.

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